Autumn is here and we are settling into a very nice school year. The students are working hard in the computer lab. We are thrilled to have 1:1 devices in Grade K-6. Grades K-2nd have iPads and Grades 3-6 have ChromeBooks.  Our PreKindergarten classrooms have iPad centers for their students.

     The Pre-Kindergarten four year olds have made so much progress and I am very proud of them.  Presently we are working with the website Starfall. We have completed the colors and are now working on the alphabet. The students are working at becoming proficient with the mouse.

     After completing their I-Ready diagnostics, all of our students in Grades Kindergarten to 6th Grade are working on their keyboarding skills. Kindergarten and First Grade are using “Jungle Junior” to improve their keyboarding skills. They are recognizing the letter, hearing the sound, finding it on the keyboard, and learning to type it with the correct finger. They also use the computer lab during the week to work on their I-Ready lessons.

     Second Grade uses Typing Jungle. Both Jungle Junior and Jungle Typing are programs from Typing Club. Typing Jungle teaches the standard keyboard using a variety of games, activities, and videos. The students seem to enjoy it.

     Grade Three to Sixth are working on keyboarding skills using It is a website and provides lessons to learn the standard keyboard. Keyboarding is a much needed skill as students get ready for Middle School and High School. We also take a game break during the class and have some friendly competition!

     Just a reminder that all students need their own pair of headphones. These headphones will be left in school for the school year. They will be used both in Technology class as well as on devices in their classroom.  Headphones may be purchased at any of the box or dollar stores. Grades PreK to Grade 2 need regular headphones. Grades 3-6 may use earbuds. Please make sure your child’s headphones work and are comfortable before you send them to school. All headphones should be in a plastic bag with your child’s name and grade on it. Thank you for your help with this.

      If you have any questions or I can help you in any way, please reach out to me. Since I am teaching, email is the best way to reach me.

Mrs. Martha Grant
Education Technology Coordinator