Happy Spring! It is so nice to see more sunshine! It won’t be long and the warm weather will be here to stay.

     The Pre-Kindergarten four year olds have made so much progress and I am very proud of them.  Presently we are working on a keyboarding program called “Jungle Junior”. It focuses on letter recognition, finger dexterity, and associating fingers with letters on the keyboard. The children seem to enjoy it.  

     Kindergarten and First Grade are also using “Jungle Junior” to improve their keyboarding schools. In addition, they still use Teach Your Monster, Splash Learn, and Moby Max. They still use I-Ready Reading and Math which follow our curriculum.

Second Grade is beginning their “All About Me” PowerPoint. There is a lot of excitement with this activity. First, it is like a rite of passage and a tradition in Second Grade. Second, the students are so excited to learn how to make their own PowerPoint. We hope to share them with our Second Grade parents in the near future!

     Third and Fourth Grades finished the Into the Cloud series. I am planning to have some celebratory parties after the Easter break. Third Grade is now researching an endangered animal. They will use their information to create a PowerPoint presentation. Fourth Grade is researching an historic or interesting spot in New York State. They will be creating a Google Slide show with their information.

     Fifth and Sixth grade are working on presentation skills so they are ready for a middle school setting. Fifth grade is building a Google Site on a president while 6th grade is creating a Google Site on a Greek or Roman god or goddess. I am looking forward to seeing the final products hopefully in the next few weeks.

     I am very appreciative of the 6th Graders that are staying on Tuesdays to create our 2022-2023 yearbook. This will be a great memento for the school year. I hope you have ordered one!

     Just a reminder that all students need their own pair of headphones. These headphones will be left in school at all times. They will be used both in Technology class as well as on devices in their classroom.  Headphones may be purchased at any of the box or dollar stores. Grades PreK to Grade 2 need regular headphones. Grades 3-6 may use earbuds. Please make sure your child’s headphones work and are comfortable before you send them to school. All headphones should be in a plastic bag with your child’s name and grade on it. Thank you for your help with this.

      If you have any questions or I can help you in any way, please reach out to me. Since I am teaching, email is the best way to reach me.

Mrs. Martha Grant
Education Technology Coordinator